Getting ready for winter

So today I have started my Autumn clean out to get ready for winter. You never really know the parts of your house you always miss when cleaning until you start pulling everything out of the cupboards and getting rid of things you obviously dont miss because you didnt even know you had it, for example, I have apperantly got a really old juicer that hasnt been used in i dont know how long considering the dust on the poor old thing, I have a bad habit if keeping things luke the old juicer for those “one day” days but never actually use it. Some of you might have that beautiful dress that you’ll wear one day stored in the back of your closet or that punch bowl set you got at your wedding but never actaully opened. So I have decided to actaully go through ALL of our cupboards and throw out anything we don’t use, i could nearly have a secobd house with all of the stuff I’ve found. Sadly my son has inherited the same issue for maybe needing it oneday so is taking most of it and calling it his and playing with ut for 5minutes and stashing it so honestly nothing looks like it’s really gettibg done .I guess that’s the same as my washing i should really get to doing but for now I have a pile of things to throw out or give to good will abd a pile of washing to do. But I’m going to have a coffee first 🙂


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