7 things I’ve learned being a boy mummy and wifey to be of a car nut

Seven things I’ve learned about being a mummy to a little boy and engaged to a car nut.

So as some of you know I’m a stay at home mother to a 1 year old who at times can be full on and getting married to a car nut. Life can be hectic but these boys are my life and I love them dearly. I thought I read every book on parenting there was before our son came along but those books didn’t really help me to much since having him, here are 7 of the things I learned that not in any book I ever read.

1. Mess in the house and on them both

I’ve learned to work around these two with cleaning so I can thankfully say I can manage (with a lot of work) to keep our home reasonably clean, between our son loving to playing in the dirt with his cars and trucks to water fun to mud and slime for our son and my partner coming home covered in grease and other car fluids the husband use can become extremely messy…..

2. Invest in a good first aid kit

Most homes have a basic first aid kit with bandaids and burn and cut ointment but if you have a partner like mine you should probably have extra things like liquid stitches, extra bandages, wraps, a shit ton of bandaids and sterilisers for wounds and a good first aid book for wrapping them up before going to hospital or doctor and because my son likes to try helping his dad out when he can than teach your hubby this too. Thankfully the hospital trips have only been for hubby but still I really don’t like those trips.

3. Trucks, cars, trains and toys in general

My son is obsessed with trucks and cars and trains so he has a heap of them throughout the house and those things hurt more than labour when you stand on them during the night because he has woken up again at 3am… hubby also has all of these but his are remote control or electric etc. thankfully he packs his away out of reach from our son.

4. Extra washing

Yes yes I understand that with kids there is always more washing but I seem to find myself changing our sons clothes way more than my mummy friends because of lesson number 2. And hubby’s clothes can’t even be washed with ours because of different car fluids than will destroy our clothes.

5. Movie nights are always boyish

I am defiantly out numbered in this house unless I add the cat and dog to my side as they are both girls, so movie night I’m always out numbered. Although I always try to get something educational on for our son it is always very boyish, the movie Planes and Cars is a hit in the house so I’m completely over those but hey if they ever need someone to know the entire script I’d be their gal, also anything to do with Thomas the tank engine and friends. But if it’s not a movie it’s a show and even when it is me and hubby watching it alone it still tends to be more manly than anything in the romance or drama category so I’m always taking suggestions from friends or family for movies and shows that hubby will happily watch with me that’s not entire male.


We seem to be ALWAYS doing something, we never stop. Even on Sunday’s that is technically our rest day we seem to be always doing something or making blanket forts with our son (starting to think hubby gets more fun out of this one though) which is always fun but mumma bear needs a break sometimes guys.

7. A different unconditional love

Even with all of the mess and full on days I wouldn’t change a single thing about it because these boys regardless how grubby they can get are my boys and I love them dearly just the way they are. We have snuggles on the couch watch telly and early morning cuddles when it’s cold in mum and dads bed (because that must be the warmest place on earth) we have fun at the park on weekends and sometimes even during the week, I’ve learned how to place matchbox cars right and the biggest kisses and cuddles before bed each and every night and when we are reading together.

For now mumma bear is off to finish the washing and wait for my mini man to wake up from his nap and consider buying a bottle of wine for after bed time tonight and hire a chick flick to curl up in the comfiest place in the world (my bed)


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